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Has it been a week already?!

24 Jul

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I posted anything here. My apologies to my regular readers! Needless to say, summer is in full swing and the activities are endless.

I’m still cooking every day — just not as many new recipes nor as many attempts at creating recipes. I think my brain is fried from the summer heat, so throwing meat and veggies on the grill and tossing together a salad has become the norm.

But, I do have two new Eating Well magazine recipes to report on for the challenge this month. My in-laws were over for dinner last Sunday so we did burgers on the grill (we had just picked up the beef from our sustainably-farmed cow. Veggie burger for me.). I served them with my friend Lisa’s salad with the poppy seed dressing (can you say “addicted”!) and Lemon-Garlic Glazed Corn on the Cob from the latest issue of Eating Well magazine. I also made Raspberry Limeade from the magazine.

The corn on the cob recipe was fantastic! Everyone liked it and it was such a nice change from just buttered sweet corn. It was very easy to make, but I do have to say it’s a little bit of a challenge if you’re serving more than 4 people. You have to use a pan that the ears all fit in the bottom of because they cook in the lemon-garlic mixture. My biggest saute pan only fits 4 ears of corn on the bottom. I needed to make 10 ears. So I ended up making the full recipe two-and-a-half times and keeping the finished ears warm in the oven. Otherwise, we loved it.

Let me tell you about the Raspberry Limeade before I give our reviews. With the recipe, you mix the fresh lime juice, fresh raspberry juice and sugar together in a large pitcher and store in the fridge. When you’re ready to serve, you’re supposed to stir in the specific amount of seltzer water (I used sparkling water). But — here’s where I didn’t follow the directions. I mixed the juices and the sugar and put it in the fridge. At dinnertime, I put ice in all the glasses then divided the juice mixture evenly among them. Then I had Jason fill each glass with sparkling water. We didn’t use the measurement in the magazine. So they were absolutely gorgeous in the glasses — dark raspberry red at the bottom fading up into pink and topped with a white foam. But, because we didn’t measure the water, I think they were too diluted. We stirred the juices in, but everyone agreed they needed more of the juice flavor. So — lesson learned — next time we’ll measure the water! Definitely give them a try, though. They were very refreshing. Oh, and we all agreed it could easily become a delicious summer cocktail with the addition of tequila or rum or something.<

Challenge recipes #4 and #5…successful! Thanks, Eating Well!