Happy New Year!

31 Dec

What a wonderful crazy week it has been! Not only did we celebrate Christmas multiple times and get to spend time with my parents who were in town, yesterday was my daughter’s birthday and today is my hubby’s birthday and New Year’s Eve! What a great way to end 2010.

Have you thought of your New Year’s resolutions yet? Every year I make a big list of things I want to accomplish. This year, I’m sticking to three resolutions. These three things are so important, that I decided to stop the list there.

1. Lower my blood pressure.
This was, of course, my number one resolution for 2010 and I made a lot of progress on it. At the beginning of the year, my blood pressure was upwards of 170/120. Over the first six months, I managed to get it down to an average of 150/100. But, it’s been stuck there since June, with the occasional reading slightly lower. I still have a few things I want to try, and my diet will be modified again to see if that helps.

2. Lose 20 pounds.
I know…everyone puts “lose weight” on their list of resolutions, right? This will become my top priority — not only so I look and feel better, but because I think this might be what’s keeping the blood pressure from dropping any further. In 2010, to lower my blood pressure, I went vegan. I assumed this would cause me to lose weight effortlessly, and yet I weigh exactly the same as I did last year on New Year’s Eve. Not a pound more, not a pound less. So exercise will have to become a higher priority in my life (which kind of stinks since I hate to exercise).

3. Say “no” more so I can say “yes” more.
I volunteer…a lot. I give time to the kids’ school, the PTA, the football team, the theater, and various non-profit organizations that need graphic design help. I love to help people and I rarely say no when asked to volunteer, but it’s starting to take time away from my kids, my husband, my clients, and my “me” time. Yes, I will continue to give of my time, but I will work on saying “no” a little more often so I can say “yes” to other things a little more often.

So there you go. My three resolutions for 2011. Although I have lots of little things I want to accomplish next year, these will be my main focus. I’ll be blogging as often as I can with successes, failures and many, many new recipes.

I wish you all a fun, safe New Year’s Eve and a happy, healthy 2011. I’m heading to the annual family New Year’s Eve celebration with a variety of appetizers, biscotti, and these fantastic little no-bake treats I made (since my oven is dead).

Rachael Ray’s Pretzel Turtles (recipe here) — a pretzel nibble wrapped in caramel, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with toasted pecans. Yum-O!


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