Peace. Joy. Love.

24 Dec

Here it is. December 24. Christmas Eve. And I have only blogged one day this month. It’s unbelievable how fast this holiday season arrived! Thanksgiving was just last Thursday, wasn’t it?!

I had hoped to share some really good holiday cookie recipes with all of you. Unfortunately, my oven has been suffering from some health issues, too. The bottom heating element no longer works, and I think only the center section of the top heating element is working. The first batch of cookies I made last weekend were sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. I checked them halfway through baking and the cookies in the center of the cookie sheet were brown while the ones on the edges were raw. I rotated the tray in the oven, crossed my fingers, and hoped they would be okay when finished. Well, they came out of the oven looking fairly evenly baked, although a little more brown than I like them. I let them cool for a minute or two and then lifted them off the cookie sheet and onto a cooling rack…only to discover that the bottoms of the cookies were raw. ERGH!

Now, if you have kids, you’ve experienced this: kids…jumping up and down…asking over and over again, “When can we decorate? When can we decorate?”

So I flipped them all over upside-down on the cookie sheet (the cookies…not the kids!) and stuck them back in the oven to try and finish them. They came out brown and crunchy and not at all chewy like I like them. Luckily, kids don’t care. They decorated them with all the sprinkles and goodies and didn’t complain one bit about them being too crunchy. Whew.

After that, I didn’t attempt any more cookies. Thank goodness I had made biscotti earlier in the month! To complete our selection of sweets to take to various Christmas gatherings, I went with items that didn’t require baking: white chocolate dipped pretzel rods and a fabulous White Christmas Cherry-Almond Fudge from the Inn at Cedar Falls near Hocking Hills in Ohio (recipe here).

As we head into days of gift-opening, I’m crossing my fingers again…in hopes of finding a gift card or two to Home Depot where I picked out an awesome new stove (made in the USA!) with all the fancy features. I wish solving my personal health issues was as easy as solving my old oven’s health issues!

I also wish all of you a wonderful, stress-free holiday season filled with love, laughter and fun with family and friends. I’ll see you at the top of the new year with new ideas and recipes.

Merry Christmas!


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