Camping means s’mores…no matter what the weather.

18 Jun

We awoke to sunshine and beautiful weather on day two of our camping trip. We did some hiking, biking and croquet. In the afternoon, we headed to the Nature Center for a guided hike through the woods. The topic of the hike was habitats and our naturalist did a wonderful job of describing/pointing out the different types of habitats and what might live there. It was both educational and fun. 

Unfortunately, mid-hike, the lens of my camera decided to become stuck and the camera stopped working. We messed with it for a while, but no luck. I used Madison's little quick-snap camera for the rest of the trip. It saved me from a vacation with no pictures, even though it doesn't take the greatest quality shots.
Dinner was fantastic. My mom made an herb-marinated pork tenderloin which we grilled over charcoal. I had a marinated and grilled portobello mushroom. We grilled sweet potatoes in foil and topped them with caramelized onions. And we had grilled fresh asparagus and steamed fresh green beans on the side. Yum!
(Doesn't that grilled portobello look like grilled meat?! It tasted just as good, too!)
After dinner, mom and I walked the kids down to the beach to see the sunset. In case you've never been to Pokagon, the hike to the beach is a pretty long one and we hadn't been there in years, so we were kind of guessing at exactly how to get down there. We had the park map with us and followed it down to the beach, but once we got there, we realized there was a path through the woods that we could have taken, and it appeared to be a shorter walk that didn't include the gazillion steps to walk back up!
Not 10 minutes on the beach and we noticed a storm moving in (see background of above pic). I told the kids we wouldn't be staying long because it looked like rain. In a matter of minutes, the sky turned black and we saw lightning. It was time to RUN! We headed for the trail through the woods that I had seen on the map just as the skies opened up. I texted Jason to let him know a storm was coming in so he could secure stuff at the campsite. We hurried through the woods listening to the rain in the tall trees and watching it get darker and darker. It seemed like we were on the path forever and when we came out of the woods, we were right where we would have been if we had just taken the stairs! (Not good for the blood pressure…) I called Jason and told him to come and get us at the camp store and we ran through the rain and ducked into the store.
Back at the campsite, the guys already had a fire going. But it was raining pretty hard so we all went into our own campers to wait it out. I had promised the kids s'mores around the fire and they were begging for them. I grabbed 3 marshmallows, ran out into the sprinkles, slid them onto a roasting stick and toasted them quickly. Ducked back in the camper and slapped together the s'mores. Ahh…happy kids!
After the kids went to bed, we stayed in my mom and dad's camper and played Toss Up until way past our bedtimes. It was definitely an adventure-filled day!

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2 Responses to “Camping means s’mores…no matter what the weather.”

  1. Lindajoy June 20, 2010 at 1:35 am #

    Tamie – I love your ideas (I think I found you on the front page of the vox site) – not vegetarian or vegan myself – but trying to eat more healthily and and use less meat in dishes. Thanks for your everyday inspiration.

  2. Tamie Spears June 20, 2010 at 8:47 am #

    Thank you! I had hoped this blog would inspire others to eat less meat and more vegetables. My family is not vegan, but they're eating a lot less meat these days. Most of my recipes are just healthy dishes that can be served to both vegetarians and omnivores.

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