“You have a deep appreciation of music and the arts.”

1 May

DUH! That was the fortune inside my fortune cookie I had with my Chinese take-out dinner last night. (That's true, but I was hoping for one along the lines of a financial windfall or something!)

I have to say, Chinese food is one of the most vegan-friendly restaurant foods you can get. The vegetarian choices were numerous, plus just about every item on their menu can be made without the meat. Actually, most ethnic restaurants feature multiple meat-free dishes, since vegetables are such a huge part of their culture. Hmmm…what does that say about so-called American restaurants such as steakhouses and all the family restaurant chains we have?
I think the only negative part of my meal was the amount of sodium it contained, but I think you'd get that just about anywhere. And, the occasional meal out is perfectly acceptable if you make wise food choices the majority of the time.
Speaking of sodium, when ordering in a Chinese restaurant, make sure they do not use monosodium glutamate in their cooking. Evidence shows that obesity and diabetes are linked to consuming MSG, as well as the increase in autism and ADHD. It's also a bad food choice for people suffering from high blood pressure. As we already know, an imbalance of sodium in the body (in relation to potassium) can lead to hypertension. Today, the average American consumes three times the RDA for sodium! Many people have severe reactions to MSG. I, personally, get headaches from it. Other side effects include dizziness and even numbness. In addition, MSG is has been shown to increase the desire to eat more food, more frequently and faster. (A boon to those in the restaurant business, don't you think?)
Anyway, I seriously thought about ordering the Szechuan tofu just to try it, since Szechuan chicken was always a favorite of mine. But I opted for a variety of vegetarian dishes instead. I ordered vegetable fried rice, two spring rolls (which were filled with just vegetables, but may have had eggs in the wrap part), and vegetarian chow mein which I ate without the white rice or fried noodles on top. It was so delicious and a nice break after cooking all week.

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