Breakfast scramble…

29 Apr

Do you tofu? I do, occasionally. It's not at the top of my list of favorites, but I have prepared it few times where I actually enjoyed it. 

One of the few things I've kind of missed as a vegan is eggs. Not that I was ever a big egg eater (once in a while on the weekend and the occasional deviled egg), but I do like making omelets and they are a great quick-prep dinner. Yesterday was one of those days where you never stop running until it's dinner time. So when we got home from the chiropractor at 6 p.m., with no dinner in progress, I turned to eggs. The kids wanted fried eggs and Jason wanted an omelet. I decided to try a breakfast scramble made with tofu. A recipe or two for Tofu Scramble appears in just about every vegan cookbook, so I thought I'd go for it. 
I looked up a couple of different recipes and they're all basically the same. Tofu + sauteed veggies + seasonings. I had leftover grilled mushrooms from the night before, so I sauteed onions and bell pepper slices and then tossed in the grilled mushrooms to heat through. I set those aside while I "scrambled" the tofu in a separate small skillet coated with nonstick cooking spray. I used firm (not silken) tofu that had been pressed to get the water out. Then I just sort of crumbled it into the skillet like feta cheese. I added a dash of turmeric to give it a nice scrambled egg color and cooked it until heated through. The vegetables went in next, along with some salt substitute and freshly-ground black pepper. I "scrambled" it all together and then topped it with vegan provolone cheese.
Honestly, for a first attempt, it was pretty good! It had the same texture as scrambled eggs. Next time, I would season it with other herbs, like thyme or tarragon, and maybe some fresh parsley. Jason and the kids gave it a "not bad!"
Along side, I decided to saute an Yves brand vegan Italian sausage link in a little olive oil. (Yes, I know…kind of a "processed" meal and probably not very low on the sodium…but, a nice treat!) It was delicious and passed the hubby/kid test with four thumbs up. Brady even asked for more, but I had already eaten the whole thing! I had sliced it very thinly on the diagonal and it got a little crispy in the pan, which actually gave it a Canadian bacon sort of flavor and texture. Next time, I'm going to slice it lengthwise and see if it ends up similar to a strip of bacon.
So, the moral of the story? Never fear trying new things. You just might end up pleasantly surprised!

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2 Responses to “Breakfast scramble…”

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