Cub Scout Camp with Brady!

25 Apr
In my opinion, the only hard thing about being vegan is eating at a place where you have no control over your meal.
I'm just home from a fun Mom & Me Overnight Cub Scout Camp with Brady. It started yesterday at 8 a.m. and ended today at 9 a.m. and was filled with activities made just for boys!
Though I didn't expect there to be a vegan meal available, I did expect there to be fruits and vegetables I could eat. I packed a bag of almonds so I could guarantee myself some protein, but I never expected to be fed a meal that I couldn't even modify to make it work for me.
Our first meal at camp was lunch yesterday. After a morning of activities, I was famished. We got to lunch and were presented with…hamburgers, hotdogs, macaroni salad (swimming in mayo), sour cream & chive potato chips and cookies. Nothing vegan but the bun and the burger toppings. Even the potato chips had dairy ingredients! With no other choice, I took a bun (white, yuck!) and topped it with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard. I threw two more pickles on as a side dish. That's it. And the drink options? Water or fruit punch drink. Not a piece of fruit in sight. I ate my "sandwich" and then we headed to the little gift shop where I picked up a small, expensive bag of trail mix and ate it on the way to the next activity.
Dinner was a slight improvement…spaghetti and choice of sauce with or without meat, salad and dinner roll. It wasn't bad. Drinks? Water or fruit punch drink, again. Not a piece of fruit in sight. (I was so hungry by then that I ate the whole thing before I realized I hadn't taken a picture.)
Bedtime snack was the almonds I had packed and a can of lemonade from the vending machine. There was no running water in our cabin.
This morning's breakfast was the worst case scenario for me…pancakes, sausage, milk, OJ and coffee (not decaf). Not one thing I could eat. Not a piece of fruit in sight. I had a cup of orange juice. Luckily, we headed home after breakfast. I snacked on my almonds in the car and arrived home ready for a real breakfast.
Okay, lesson learned! I had assumed there would be some fruit, maybe a few vegs, and peanut butter for those kids who didn't like the meal being served. So much for assuming. Next year I'll be taking a small cooler with drinks, vegan cheese slices, peanut butter and apples.  
The Boy Scout motto is Be Prepared, and I wasn't. But we had a great time together, and you know what? I survived. Next year, I'll be prepared. All that matters in the end is the smile on this adorable face. Love you, buddy! 

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2 Responses to “Cub Scout Camp with Brady!”

  1. AnJuli April 29, 2010 at 12:57 pm #

    **Random Commenter**You made the homepage, by the way. I'm a bit concerned by the complete lack of fruits and vegetables served at this camp. Children can't live on carbs and protein alone! This sounds like a camp for Scurvy… except they have orange juice.

  2. Tamie Spears April 29, 2010 at 1:07 pm #

    The lack of fruit and veggies concerned me, too. I made it very clear on my "Comment Sheet" at the end that the food needed serious improvement. The lack of variety bothered me, too. They prepared a single meal, leaving no options for someone who didn't like what was served. If your kid didn't like noodles, he would have had nothing but an Iceberg lettuce salad for dinner!

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