Fast Food My Way

19 Mar

Just a quick blog today as I am off to enjoy this gorgeous weather with my kids.

I'm very fortunate to work from my home, which allows me to make something healthy for lunch. Lunch has to be quick, though, because I only get 2+ hours in the afternoon to work without any kids here. Usually, lunch is leftovers or some kind of soup out of the freezer (leftovers from a previous dinner). Sometimes it's as simple as whole wheat pita and baby carrots dunked in hummus. Yesterday was one of those days where there was nothing "made" in the fridge. I stood there, staring into the vast whiteness, praying for something yummy to just jump out at me. No luck.
After a few minutes of quick brainstorming, I started pulling random things from the fridge — two big portobello mushrooms, a bag of fresh spinach, leftover cooked brown rice, and the leftover vegan Alfredo sauce from earlier in the week. In less than 10 minutes, I had a fabulous hot lunch ready to eat. I'm going to develop this idea a little more and put it together as a real recipe. 
Here's what I did: I turned the broiler on in the oven. I cleaned out the mushroom caps, spritzed them with olive oil, tossed on some grill seasoning, then popped them in the oven. I put the Alfredo sauce in the microwave. Then I took out a small skillet, heated some olive oil and sauteed a bit of fresh garlic. When it was just about done, I stirred in a big handful of the spinach leaves and shut off the stove. By then, the portobellos were done so I put them on a plate, scooped the spinach/garlic on top and drizzled the whole thing with Alfredo sauce and topped it with minced parsley. I took the picture (below). As soon as I took a bite, I realized I had forgotten the brown rice. I microwaved it for a minute and then threw it in, too. The taste was divine! It was meaty, cheesy, creamy and very flavorful. It had a "trendy restaurant" feel, and I was eating in less time than it takes to drive to McNasty and order some junk food. Watch for an upcoming blog with a real, tested recipe in it. It was so good!
Now…we're off to the park!

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