“A clean house is a sign of a misspent life.”

9 Mar

Okay, so I can admit that I'm not exactly a neat freak (Mom, Dad, quit laughing). At any time, on any given day, at least one room in my house looks like a bomb hit it (a phrase my parents used to describe my bedroom as a child). And…I'm a pile-maker. Recipes, school papers, interesting articles I want to read, and more recipes. I know what things I want or need to keep, but they never seem to find a permanent home. Always in a pile. But, I do know where just about everything in my house is. Just ask. I always know right where to find whatever you're looking for.

Don't get me wrong. We clean weekly, and I love when my house is tidy, swept, dusted and laundry is caught up (even though it only stays that way for about an hour). But sometimes life gets in the way. Between getting kids to and from school, running my business, volunteering, grocery shopping, paying bills, homework, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, children's theatre rehearsal, doctor appointments, laundry, cooking meals, email, etc., it's no wonder I have high blood pressure!

Let's face it – life is crazy. But, no matter how nuts it is, feeding my family good food and enjoying dinner together every night is a guarantee. I love hearing about everyone's day and telling stories and laughing together. And, hopefully, I'm instilling in them a love of fresh, healthy food.
One of the things I do to make meals easier during the week is to plan ahead. Every Sunday, I figure out what we'll be having for dinner every night for the next week. I put together a shopping list based on that and shop on Monday. This helps keep me from impulse buying and, when it comes time to cook dinner, I know that I have everything I'll need.
For example, here's this week's menu:
Monday – Mac & Cheese from The Kind Diet, tossed salad and fresh fruit (see below)
Tuesday – Veg Chili (my recipe) with Nachos
Wednesday – Sloppy Joes (mine with tofu), Baked Beans and Corn
Thursday – Make-Your-Own Paninis and Celery Salad (recipe to come)
Friday - Fish Tacos (mine with black beans) and Spanish Rice 
Saturday – take out?
Hey, it keeps me sane. It ensures that we aren't grabbing fast food on the go. It keeps me within my grocery budget. And sometimes it gives me a few extra minutes in the evening for tidying up!
So, my house isn't always spotless and my laundry pile is growing, but that's okay with me. Enjoying life is way more important than a clean house, don't you think?

p.s. The vegan Mac & Cheese recipe from Alicia Silverstone's book, The Kind Diet, is delicious. It has passed the kid/hubby test in my house. The only change I made was to decrease the tamari sauce to 2 tablespoons. I also do the oven method: Mix it all together, put it in a 9×13 baking dish and sprinkle the top with bread crumbs. Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes. It comes out cheesy and has crunchy bits on top. You can get the recipe at http://www.thekindlife.com/post/mac-cheese

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