Do you falafel?

8 Mar

I do! Lebanese food is SO delish! If you're going vegan, or just flirting with it, and you need a night out, a Lebanese restaurant is a great place to go. There are a lot of vegan options that are just standard menu items and you don't have to try to order something modified to be vegan. Besides hummus and pita, you might try a vegetable kabob over seasoned rice or grape leaves stuffed with rice, lemon and seasonings.

Saturday night was total family night — dinner followed by games on the family room floor with a fire in the fireplace. I decided to do "snack dinner" which is a dinner of just all kinds of munchies — some homemade, some purchased. My kids love this kind of meal because they get to just pick at whatever they want. The non-vegan items were mostly for the kids — crackers with vegetable cream cheese spread, mini hotdogs, shrimp and veggie steamed dumplings, etc. The vegan stuff, which my kids also enjoyed, included homemade falafel with tzatziki sauce, homemade hummus, homemade fatoush, store-bought tabouli, pita bread, a small tray of sushi, and an array of marinated olives from the olive bar at Kroger. The kids liked everything, including the vegetable sushi rolls!

I make hummus all the time. It's a great snack with baby carrots and celery. And I make fatoush quite often in the summer with tomatoes from our garden. But, I've never made falafel from scratch before. I found a recipe in one of the zillion+ vegan cookbooks I borrowed from the library. The flavor was wonderful and they were very easy to make. Unfortunately, they were a little crumbly. They worked really well when stuffed into pita with hummus, tabouli and fatoush on top, but they fell apart if you tried to just cut them into bite-size pieces with a fork. I'm going to keep working on those, though, because they're a nice protein dish for my vegan diet. If I get a perfect recipe, I'll post it. Then you can falafel, too!  :-)

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