Logan’s recipe for Onion Rings

2 Mar

My 5-year-old, Logan, is about the cutest thing you could ever have the pleasure of knowing. He's a thinker…and smart! Tonight at dinner, we were discussing foods that are vegan but are not good for your body, like potato chips and popsicles. I mentioned onion rings and said the only way those would be a healthy vegan choice is if we made them homemade. Logan looked at me with all seriousness and said, "Mom, I know how to make homemade onion rings!" I said, "You do? How do you make them?" He said, "You take an onion and then you get a piece of bread and you cut it in a circle and cut a hole in the middle then you squish the onion inside and you have an onion ring! Oh, yeah, and you cook it." It took every ounce of control for Jason and I not to just crack up laughing. He was so serious when he explained it, and so adorable!

So our vegan dinner tonight was Fettuccine Alfredo from Vegan Dad's blog, served with steamed green beans, zucchini (sauteed in olive oil), and some leftover pita bread from the big birthday party two days ago. I made the alfredo sauce exactly as his recipe indicated and it was SO garlicky that I couldn't eat it and I knew the kids wouldn't eat it. It calls for garlic powder and onion powder. I quickly made another batch (it is literally a 5-minute recipe), but I cut back on the garlic powder. Jason and the kids gobbled it up. They were even dunking pita bread directly into the alfredo sauce. The texture is exactly like the real deal — very creamy and it clung to the pasta nicely. Here's the link to the recipe. I'd cut way back on the garlic and onion powder and then add it in later if you think it needs more. http://vegandad.blogspot.com/2008/03/best-ever-vegan-alfredo.html
Below is the picture of my dinner plate. Jason and I topped our pasta with the sauce and then some sauteed mushrooms and onions. After I took the picture, I thought "it sure would look pretty with a sprinkle of chopped parsley." Too late — dinner was on the table and they were all waiting for me to get done snapping pics so they could eat!

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